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  • General Thinker


    General Thinker
    By Remo Giuffré
    Trade Book (6×9 in., 15×23 cm)
    Serial entrepreneur Remo Giuffré had one goal with his memoir: To share his business wisdom and inspire as many people as possible. Which is why he used Kickstarter to afford offset, which in turn allowed him to sell his book at a lower retail price.
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  • Are You Ready for a Bumpy Ride?


    Are You Ready for a Bumpy Ride?
    By Charlotte Stokes
    Photo Book (8×10 in., 20×25 cm)
    Stokes began her life in war-torn Germany and eventually ended up in Canada. Eager to put her life’s journey onto the page and have it come to life with beautiful imagery, she opted for our gorgeous photo book format and quality paper.
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  • Boots on the Ground by Dusk


    Boots on the Ground by Dusk
    By Mary Tillman with Narda Zacchino
    Trade Book (5×8 in., 13×20 cm)
    Tillman wanted to create a book that would both document her crusade to uncover the circumstances of her son’s military death. She chose a standard pocket book size to make it accessible to a large number of people, and ended up being picked up by a traditional publisher.
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